Classroom Notes – May 16, 2017

The kids did a wonderful job on their drama performance. They worked really hard learning their lines and practicing their scenes. We invited two kindergarten classes to be our audience, set up the room like a theatre, and performed the story The Great Kapok Tree. I posted the performance on

We are spending much of our days focusing on farms. In math, we are creating paper models on a giant grids. The kids have bought roads, land, farmhouses, and barns, and silos. They will begin adding animals later this week. Today they started making a mini-map of the farm model.

In writing, each student is writing a series of stories that take place on a farm. We have begun Book One. Ask your kiddo who their character is and what their first adventure will be!

Our field trip to Tryon Creek is next Monday. We will be boarding the bus at 9:15. Please help your child dress for the weather, as we are spending the morning in the forest. The park has asked if they could take photos of our class for their promotional purposes. They have asked if we could bring consent forms with us on Monday (this is optional of course, if you opt out they will not take photos of your child.) I will send these home on Wednesday. Please bering them back ASAP, along with permission slips. Thanks!

Classroom Notes – May 9, 2017

First of all, a big thanks for the kind words of appreciation last week. It has been an interesting year at Lewis, with many challenges and changes, and your support really means a lot to me. I truly appreciate it so Thank You!

This week we are starting our final math unit on Money, Place Value, and Mapping. Each student will be creating a map of a farm. We will be learning about arrays and area, money and adding double digit numbers, and planning visual representations. The class always has a lot of fun with this unit. We can always use an extra hand in the classroom. Check the schedule if you’d like to come help out.

We will be present our short play The Great Kapok Tree to Ms. Ashley’s kindergarten class next Monday. I will make a video and post it on the blog so that parents can see it. Lastly, our field trip to Tryon Creek Park is coming up on Monday May 22nd. Permission slips will be coming home soon.


Ms. Sarah

Classroom Notes – April 25, 2017

My how time flies! It has been a busy month. The kids are enjoying their time with Larry from the Oregon Children’s Theatre. They are exploring movement and the elements of acting – plot, setting, and characters and their relationships, the use of loud and clear voices, and gestures and movement. We will work for three more weeks with Larry.

Our last visit from the Tree Lady was on Tuesday afternoon. We explored the school grounds to learn about the trees and plants around us. Thank you to all of the parent helpers that have helped make these guest teacher visits run more smoothly!

In the classroom, we have been taking a closer look at geometric shapes in math, writing sentences that Show, Don’t Tell in writing, and continuing to follow our characters through their adventures in reading. We will begin exploring the life cycle of a mealworm at the end of the week!

Finally, next week in Art Night! The school transform into an art gallery for the evening of Thursday, May 4th, from 6:00 -7:30 p.m. There is music and desserts to be enjoyed – as well as friends and families to visit with. It is truly one of the highlights of the Lewis School year. I sent home docent information and sign-up sheet on Wednesday. Please let me know 3 best times in order and anytime that will not work for your family. Being a docent is optional, but the kids have a lot of fun doing it.

Classroom Notes – April 11, 2017

April is turning out to be a busy month. Today we had our first of three visits from the “Tree Lady.” She talked about broadleaf and conifer trees and shared lots of great cones with us. She will be back on Tuesday the 18th to make paper with the class, and on the 25th for a school grounds tree walk. We could use two volunteers for each date. She will be with us from 2:00- 2:45. Check with me if you’d like to help out!

We begin our first of five visits with the Oregon Children’s Theatre next Monday, April 17th. We will be playing theatre games and constructing a play based on the book The Great Kapok Tree. The Artist in Residence program is brought to the school by the Lewis PTA fundraising. Thanks!

Along with these two fabulous programs, we are busy getting ready for Art Night. Mark your calendars because it is just around the corner on Thursday, May 4th.

Finally, in the classroom we are learning about congruent geometric shapes, practicing mindful observation, and writing realistic fictional stories where we are getting our characters into and out of some kind of trouble!


Ms. Sarah

Classroom Notes – Feb. 21, 2017

I can’t believe we are fast approaching the end of February! When I look ahead at the calendar it it full! We have so many many great learning opportunities coming up! First off, we have Read Across America day on Dr. Seuss’ birthday, Thursday March 2nd. We invite you to celebrate our love of reading that afternoon from 2:00 – 2:45. Please join us to make some silly hats and share your favorite Dr. Seuss books. Please RSVP so I can plan accordingly. Then, our next field trip to the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks will be on Friday, March 17th. I will only have room for 2 chaperones – so please let me know if you are interested. I will give folks who have not been on a field trip this year priority. This is a fun trip, with a long bus ride and heavy chaperoning. Our PTA funded artist Gina will be rotating back into our room for four more great art lessons in mid March, as well. In April, we will have two visiting programs, Talk About Trees and Oregon Children’s Theater. We have a 3 sessions to learn more about trees, and 5 weeks with our Artists in Residence in which we will Read, Write, and Act. May will bring Art Night on Thursday May 4th, and another science based field trip to Tryon Creek on Monday, May 22. I believe we get 3 chaperones, and again I will give priority to those who have not been yet. Cheers! Ms. Sarah

Classroom Notes – Feb. 7, 2017

This months Number Corner calendar has multiple patterns and mathematical treats on it. We are looking at three and four sided shapes – learning the names of different kinds of triangles and quadrilaterals! Our nonfiction reading unit has been a lot of fun so far. We are learning to recall details by stopping in the middle and at the end of a book and “putting up a finger” for each thing we can remember. This would be a great thing to help encourage your kiddo to do at home during their nightly reading. In writing, we have just begun to write about nonfiction topics, as well. It would be helpful to talk with your kiddo about things they know about – as we will be writing several of these All About books in the coming month. This Friday is our field trip to see the theater production of Fly Guy. Our bus leaves Lewis at 11:00. We will be eating lunch early about 10:20 in the classroom. Please pack a snack for your kiddo to have upon our return. I know there were a lot of parents who wanted to come on this field trip. I am sorry that we could only have 3. I will try to get the rest of you on our next two field trips in March and May.

Classroom Notes – December 13, 2016

It has been a goofy few weeks with the snow days last weekend the impending snow for this week. I am hoping that we will be here all week but just in case we said goodbye to Erminia who is moving to Forest Grove over Winter break. We will miss her so much!

We’ve been working on some art projects lately. The kids have really enjoyed being creative. They did a fantastic job with their observational drawings. Everyone really took the time to draw what they were seeing. Look for those in the hallway soon!

We’ve also been working on deepening our understanding of place value in math. We did an activity today where the kids had to roll, make, and expand a two-digit number. They did an incredible job. We also had a little fun with a “mystery picture” that involved solving place value problems, as well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Winter break and I look forward to seeing everyone back here in January!


Ms. Sarah